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Real Log Homes® Construction - Fast and Efficient - Get Under Cover Faster

The more than 30,000 homes we've manufactured since 1963 stand as our testimony to stability, popularity, and product performance. Our systems have been defined and redefined to help ensure that your home will be designed, manufactured and delivered with the utmost care and attention to detail. This attention to detail is what makes our packages more cost-effective to buy because they are easier to assemble for a precise and more weather-tight fit. That translates into a durable, comfortable log home for you.

FASTER ON-SITE CONSTRUCTION - Your Real™ log home can be constructed more quickly because of the attention we pay to every detail of your home. Our packages incorporate more pre-cutting of log components than most others. In addition to our pre-cut logs, rafters and joists, we also pre-notch the girders and the walls to accept the floor joists. This minimizes cutting on the job site. Our logs are numbered and lettered, and our packages come with log layout sheets that detail the position of each individual log so your home goes together quickly, easily and precisely.

INTERIOR MORE QUICKLY SEALED FROM THE ELEMENTS - The interior of your log home can be sealed from the elements more quickly because of: 1)our extensive pre-cutting of super-structure components, and 2) no load-bearing interior partitions. Because our homes are designed similar to a post-and-beam format, placement of the ridge beam and construction of your roof does not rely on building any interior first- or second-floor partitions. In addition, our log packages include windows and doors with their custom-made frames. Consequently, the shell of your home can be more quickly raised and closed in.

TIGHTER FITTING LOGS - Precision manufacturing and our joinery system create a comfortable and more weather-tight log home for you. Our baffle and channel system allows the logs to be stacked and fastened uniformly. To ensure that windows and doors are vertically aligned with the logs, two PVC Lockspline™ connecting strips and foam gasket are installed at all butt joints, corners, window frames and door frames to create positive seals, even as the building settles.

LESS WASTE The extensive pre-cutting of our log packages means less cutting at your house site. Consequently, much of the scraps and waste take place at our plant, making your job site safer. Equally important, less waste means your log home package is more cost-effective. With a Real Log Homes brand log package, you pay for the log lengths actually used in the construction of your home, not for numerous trimmed off ends or pieces that wind up in your scrap pile.

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Stacking a Precut Log Wall


Close Up of a Stacked Log Wall

Log Home Construction Crew

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